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Gold Trading Software Features – Worden’s TC2000 is our go-to charting software for all our trading needs. The platform caters to both new and experienced traders, allowing new traders to quickly get up and running with predefined layouts and allowing experienced traders to use their PCF coding to develop custom TC2000 tracks and indicators. to suit your trading style.

This article will cover all aspects of the TC2000 that you need to know to get started and not feel overwhelmed when you decide to choose a new design software.

Gold Trading Software Features

Gold Trading Software Features

As a retail trader, it can be very difficult to decide which trading software is necessary and which is just an extra trick. We’ve put together this comprehensive review to clarify what you’re actually getting with the TC2000. We have been traders for over 20 years, we have tested every trading software on the block and there is a clear reason why we have never left TC2000. They are affordable, all-in-one software designed for both new and experienced technical traders.

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Overall, we give TC2000 4.9 out of 5 stars because it meets almost all our expectations and trading options in Bulls on Wall Street. Our only gripe with the program is that they don’t currently offer cryptocurrency, which would make it a truly essential one-stop shop for any software store.

TC2000 Chart is one of the cleanest chart programs out there. From the technical indicators you can add to your charting capabilities, you can truly customize your technical analysis to suit your trading style. As you can see in the image below, it is actually a commercial post in itself, which allows you to create your own maps that look best on the screen and device you are using. Our most common layout we use is the one below, which displays our daily chart, internal chart and our various scans, alerts and watchlists in the bottom bar, creating a focused terminal that can be used on widescreen, vertical monitors and even just be used on. your laptop Over the years, this design has allowed us to be efficient in our trading as our eyes don’t move from screen to screen and allowed us to maximize the real screen real estate available on our trading computer.

TC2000 Stock Checker allows you to filter individual stocks based on filter criteria, so you can cut through the noise of thousands and narrow it down to a list that you can actually use to trade that fits your trading plan. do it The TC2000 scan offers a variety of options, from your PCF formula on “my terms” to their handy “pre-made” library of over 100 different scans. There are also those that use foundations and markers, at least making your options endless.

The TC2000 watchlist feature is very powerful because it is not just a watchlist. You can also run conditional scans, filters, and quantitative results that can help you know what’s going on with the stock, in addition to the fundamental, volume, and percentage changes that all watchlists offer. Here you can get creative and add columns that correspond to your “trade rules”, so you can easily filter your watch list based on what you’re looking for within your list tags and line up Review Gives A Comprehensive Look At The Online Broker’s Services

TC2000 is one of the best trading simulators on the market. With their simulator, you can easily perform the execution and feel of making trades without risking your hard-earned money in the market. All students in our 60-day boot camp are placed in a simulator during the 2nd month of our boot camp where they can simulate their trading in the same setting they will have when they move to live trading. This helps create a “live atmosphere” that can make it as close to live trading as possible. To access our simulator setup, check out our 60-day live trading course here.

LiveBriefs MT Newswire is a useful feature if your brokerage does not yet provide a newswire, or if you simply want the convenience of live news on the platform.

Alerts are useful because they save you time and ensure you don’t miss a move in the market. You can create alerts that move above and below the price, drawing tools (such as a trend lie or other charting tools) at specific levels of detail and based on how the price affects the indicators. All TC2000 plans offer real-time tracking alerts that can be easily switched on or off and expire at specific times.

Gold Trading Software Features

TC2000 offers several different plans ranging from $9.99/month for their Silver package to $89.99/month for their Platinum package. If you haven’t signed up for TC2000 yet, take advantage of our BOWS discount here that gives you a $40 credit when you spend over $40.

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To take advantage of this offer, we suggest you go for the actual US Gold + Data plan, which should be $44.98, which actually lets you get the software for just $4.98 for try the first month!

If you’re trying to keep software costs to a minimum we’ll break down all the features between each plan and give you our recommendation on what’s best for your money.

If you are completely new to trading and can’t afford to spend a bunch of money on all the features, or you already have other dealers to monitor and track your watch list, then Silver might be enough to get you started with TC2000 charts. . software only $9.99/month. But once you see the value in software, you’ll likely turn to gold or platinum sooner than you think.

TC2000 Gold is the most popular plan among our traders here at Bulls on Wall Street. For $29.99/month ($24.99/month on annual plans), it can replace almost any fintech software subscription you already have, helping you save money and allowing all Combine your software tools into an all-in-one system.

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Silver has the upper hand over Silver mainly because of its powerful simple scans that allow you to use their pre-built scans and tap into your PCF language to perform almost any type of scan you can imagine. create The Gold TC2000 also unlocks all the mapping tools, multiple workspaces and layouts that allow you to use different layouts on other monitors, front and rear sales modes and a few other things that really make the Gold TC2000 the best bang for your buck. .

We have seen many dealers abandon their expensive tracking software and immediately get the same results using the simple tracking and capabilities of the PCF TC2000.

Platinum covers everything in gold, but also includes historical status testing and scan results, which can be useful if you’re looking at how scans have performed in the past. They also allow up to 1,000 active alerts to be tracked compared to 100 for Silver and Gold. If you have a brokerage account, Platinum also includes market timing indicators from chart charts and $300 a year in rebates.

Gold Trading Software Features

Overall, unless you are already limited by gold or just want to have all the benefits you can get with a mapping platform, go for the platinum plan.

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TC2000 also offers resource subscriptions that you can add to your Silver, Gold or Platinum plans. What you absolutely need is “Real Time US Stocks Data” because without it your charts will be delayed by 15 minutes.

The second most important feature would be the “3 additional simultaneous streaming slots” which gives you a total of 4 live streaming tracks, which is usually more than enough for most traders. You can still run other scans, but they have to be updated manually to scan the market again.

If your broker does not already offer a newscast service, you can also view TC2000 LiveBriefs MT Newswires. The Investor Feed is all you really need, but if you want to dig deeper into trading news, you can also opt for the more expensive ‘Pro-Feed’.

Other than that, the only other sources of alerts you can upgrade to are unless you have more than 100 concurrent alerts with your basic plan, but we’ve never addressed this issue because too many alerts can be harmful. your analysis and attention. You can also look at their options and specify data sources, but if you want to do high-level technical analysis of the indexes, you don’t even need those sources.

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TC2000 has a very organized and helpful customer support that can provide peace of mind while using its software. They offer a convenient live chat that runs weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm EST.

The TC2000 has a desktop client that you can download here if you’re using a PC or running parallels on a MacBook. Desktop software can be installed quickly and easily

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