Secure Crypto Trading Apps

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As of midnight EDT, August 31, 2023, the deadline to remove assets from the platform and/or submit proof of claim has passed. For more information on developments in the bankruptcy case, please visit here.

Secure Crypto Trading Apps

Secure Crypto Trading Apps

Mobile apps make cryptocurrency trading more convenient and accessible than ever before without compromising transaction speed, security or uptime. Now users can access the market and trading platform features wherever they go. Review (2022)

The mobile app provides the convenience of having a digital wallet on your phone, along with industry leading security practices. Manage your tokens and digital assets on the most secure cryptocurrency trading and storage platform.

Track your holdings with up-to-date prices for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. The mobile app provides detailed statistics at a glance, customizable favorites and more to enhance your cryptocurrency trading experience.

A global leader in the blockchain revolution, founded in 2014 by 3 cybersecurity engineers. Our online trading platform, built to provide fast trade execution, a reliable digital wallet and industry-leading security performance. Its mission is to advance the blockchain industry by promoting innovation, incubating new and emerging technologies, and driving change. Good Crypto is one of the safest cryptocurrency trading apps on the market not only one of the best crypto trading apps out there. , but also one of the safest. Our apps are built with API code and user data security in mind from the start.

Your API code is encrypted on your device with 2048-bit asymmetric encryption. They are sent securely through SSL, stored in an encrypted environment and firewall and are never returned to the customer.

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The platform always encrypts all connections to ensure a smooth trading experience for all users. All backend services are hosted in a separate encrypted and firewalled environment.

Our multi-layered security architecture ensures that our users can trade in a safe and secure environment without the risk of malicious third-party actions.

Your personal information is encrypted on the device and stored in a depersonalized database. Your account activity is continuously monitored with heuristics to detect unusual behavior.

Secure Crypto Trading Apps

We know that no one is perfect, and both security technologies and threats are constantly evolving. That’s why there are regular third-party audits of our application code, server architecture, and all of our internal processes.

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We also have an ongoing bug bounty program to encourage white hat hackers to help us prevent threats and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Download the app. Start keeping your stock in your pocket. Trade anytime, anywhere, on any exchange and get the latest market insights on personalized notifications

Good Crypto has an ongoing bug bounty program. Please, send the details here and we will contact you soon after we check it.

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