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Car Insurance Compare – Before you hit the road in Utah, you need to make sure you are covered in case of an accident. And if you’ve taken out a loan or lease for your car, you might want to consider adding collision insurance for an extra layer of protection.

So you’ve decided you need gap hunting insurance in Utah. But where should you buy such a policy? On average, Utah drivers who rent a car pay $199 a month for car insurance, according to . Below are some auto insurance companies in the state whose auto insurance rates are usually close to or below average.

Car Insurance Compare

Car Insurance Compare

The rates below are generated from a proprietary database of millions of unique car insurance quotes and refer to the average monthly cost of car insurance for rental car drivers who often have gap insurance coverage.

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Several other major insurance companies offer affordable warranty policies, which you can learn more about in this comprehensive guide to warranty coverage. Progressive, Allstate and Liberty Mutual are just a few of the industry heavyweights helping drivers cover the gap.

Before you decide which insurer you want to work with, be sure to compare insurance quotes from several companies – for free and in minutes.

As soon as you drive your new car off the lot, it becomes “used,” meaning that its actual cash value has already decreased. Gap insurance refers to the “gap” between the actual cash value of your car and what you owe on your car loan. If your car is totaled or stolen, the insurance covers the gap between what your insurance covers and what you still owe the bank.

Your lender may require gap insurance in your finance contract as an extra layer of car insurance. It’s especially useful for new cars that can be described by one of the four L’s: leased, loaned, luxury or long-haul. Additional coverage can be purchased through a waiver agreement with your insurance broker or finance company.

Car Insurance Under $50 A Month

There are several circumstances where Utah drivers should opt for gap insurance. Obviously, you should buy it if you work with a lender that requires it. You should also consider buying gap insurance if your lease term is long (over 60 months) or you have a low down payment (under 20 percent).

Your loan structure and your loan balance are not the only factors. your type of driver is also important. If you’re a long-distance driver, always heading to Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon on the weekends, you’ll want to consider gap insurance. The same can be said if you drive a luxury car. they tend to wear out faster.

Gap insurance is considered a form of optional coverage in Utah and may be called “loan/lease payment” coverage in the state. It’s an encouraging addition for drivers who may owe more than their car is actually worth.

Car Insurance Compare

Auto insurance limits in Utah are $25,000 for bodily injury coverage per person, $65,000 per accident, and $15,000 for property damage per accident. These are roughly standard, although it may be a good idea to carry more than these limits in case of an accident. Additionally, gap insurance may need to be added to these claims.

Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

How much breakdown insurance you need depends on the car you drive and the nature of your rental agreement. If the actual cash value of your car is low, but your outstanding loan amount is high, you’ll want to have solid gap insurance. You can then cancel this policy when you pay off your loan or the amount owed is close to the value of the car. This can take several years.

Gap insurance in Utah is considered a supplement to your auto insurance. It can take the form of a GAP (guaranteed asset protection) waiver, which is an agreement that agrees to waive the driver’s unpaid loan if the vehicle is totaled or stolen. They can be purchased from a dealer authorized to sell such a waiver or from your insurance company.

The Utah Department of Insurance encourages drivers to carefully read and understand the terms of the GAP waiver before purchasing and to request a copy of your signed agreement. For more questions about property damage insurance in Utah, contact the Property and Casualty Division of the Utah Department of Insurance.

Buying breakdown insurance through your insurance company tends to be cheaper than buying it from a car dealer. Gap insurance through an insurance company will usually cost about $5 a month. Meanwhile, the dealership will charge about $50 a month, which is a pretty significant difference.

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There are also some third-party companies that offer separate warranty insurance, although these are also expensive. In general, it’s a good idea to buy gap insurance from the same company you buy your primary car insurance from.

If you’re a Utah driver who doesn’t want to pay too much for your auto insurance, you should use it to compare quotes. , you can research just the policies you need and find out how much you’ll pay if you add gap coverage to your policy. The website’s accessible interface makes it easy to find the right policy at the right price.

Data scientists analyzed more than 90 million quotes provided to car insurance applicants to calculate the average premiums shown on this page. These premiums are actual quotes obtained directly from over 50 partner insurance companies in all 50 states and Washington. Average values ​​represent the average premium price for a given coverage level, driver subgroup and geographic area.

Car Insurance Compare

Unless otherwise stated, quoted rates reflect the average cost for drivers between the ages of 20 and 70 with a clean driving record and average or better credit (600 or higher credit score).

Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Organizer

Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, State Farm and USAA quotes are based on the Quadrant Information Services auto insurance rate database.

We are America’s top rated insurance comparison site. is dedicated to providing users with a safe and hassle-free shopping experience. Compare quotes, unlock discounts and save up to $489 on your insurance policy today.

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On the other hand, it will allow you to see personalized quotes from multiple insurers in one place so you can easily compare your options for liability and comprehensive coverage. Like, it only requires you to answer a few questions about your vehicle and driving history. But unlike, it will show you multiple citations to choose from.

Shop Auto Insurance is a website designed to help people with all their vehicle needs, including registration and driver’s license renewal forms, and direct users to their state government websites. also has an auto insurance search feature that directs you to one or more auto insurance companies based on the information you provide. refers you to auto insurance companies based on the details you provide about your vehicle and your driving history. The process is anonymous, meaning you won’t need to enter your contact information on However, after being sent to the insurer’s website, you may need to enter your contact information there.

You’ll start by entering your age, zip code, marital status, home ownership status and insurance status. When you click Check Rates, will ask you a few more questions about your vehicle and driving history.

Car Insurance Compare

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