Dual Master’s Degree

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Dual Master’s Degree – Make an impact as a data-driven leader Double MA in Applied Economics (CUHK) and Social and Economic Policy (Northwestern)

With an interdisciplinary background and international experience, the double masters in Applied Economics (CUHK) and Social and Economic Policy (Northwest) are uniquely positioned to become leaders in their professions.

Dual Master’s Degree

Dual Master's Degree

Modern economic and socio-political decisions require the mastery of quantitative and political development and implementation methods in a global context. A revolutionary dual-degree program jointly developed by Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy and the Department of Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) opens the door to the study of applied economics and its application to real-world policy in the context of China and the United States.

Master’s Degree Overview

Studying at campuses in Sha Tin, Hong Kong for 10 months and Evanston, Illinois for 7 months, students receive rigorous training in applied economics and develop analytical skills to evaluate and design policies and programs in a variety of global contexts. Upon completion of the program, students receive two master’s degrees from two world-class universities!

Please note that this program is designated as a STEM program that qualifies international students for an OPT extension. To qualify for an OPT extension, students must complete the optional winter quarter. For more information on STEM OPT extensions, please visit the Office of International Student and Scholar Services website.

Gain a competitive edge in today’s interconnected marketplace by participating in the first program to address economic and political issues across the Pacific.

Enrich your understanding with insights from multiple disciplines by earning a degree in Applied Economics and a degree in Social and Economic Policy within the same timeframe and timeframe as a Master’s degree.

Business Administration/social Work Dual Master’s Degree

Think beyond academic and geographic boundaries, enjoy rich growth opportunities and gain a deeper global perspective.

Engage across cultures and ideas with an international community of colleagues. Connect with a strong campus and alumni network around the world.

Take advantage of resources including advice, help with job and internship searches, career assessments, access to employment databases, career fairs and recruitment events at two top-tier campuses.

Dual Master's Degree

The Northwestern-CUHK dual degree program is expected to attract highly qualified students who are motivated to become leaders in their professions: as policy makers in public service and non-profit organizations, and as economic analysts and thought leaders in public and private industry and academia. The program stands out for its academic concentration and rigor, the prestige of its institutions and faculty, its accessibility, and its unparalleled student experience. Read why some of our current scholars chose our unique program.

Your Guide To Master’s Programs

Gain insights from two top-tier universities from different perspectives. The combination of applied economics courses at CUHK and social policy courses at Northwestern allows me to focus on how economic knowledge can solve social problems. The joint program provides an interesting and unique opportunity to reflect on two different perspectives.

Build a solid foundation for future career challenges. The dual master’s study program will help me build a solid foundation for both theoretical research skills and their application in social and economic policy. Rigorous training in advanced economic theories, quantitative analysis skills, and understanding of real-world problems can help me explore different areas in my future career.

Create a dynamic learning environment. If you’re adventurous enough to see the world, CUHK-Northwestern’s dual master’s degree program will tick all the boxes. What attracts me the most is meeting students from different cultural backgrounds and you will be able to make a global network of friends all over the world. In addition, students are encouraged to further their understanding of applied economics and social policy at two world-leading universities.

Provide rigorous interdisciplinary training in a variety of global contexts. Whenever a student goes for a master’s degree in applied economics anywhere in the world, they are exposed either to the quantitative and theoretical aspects of economics or to the application of economic policy itself. This joint program will give me the opportunity to be exposed to both aspects while studying at two world-class universities.

Dual Degree Program

#3 2023-24 Best Education Schools Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy News and World Report

#8 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in Asia for Economics and Econometrics In today’s crowded job market, it’s vital for us to stay one step ahead. This is where the importance of a dual degree program, also known as an integrated dual degree program, comes into play. They are specifically designed to give you a competitive edge. You will study two different academic fields at the same time, earning two separate degrees.

A dual degree is a worthwhile venture and can be very profitable. You will learn two subjects at the same time. More credits than individual degrees are required. Let’s try to understand how a dual degree program can be useful for your career!

Dual Master's Degree

· By earning a double degree, you are sure to expand your knowledge and professional skill set. You can learn more. You earn two degrees! Needless to say, having two college degrees will give you a strong advantage in the increasingly competitive job market.

Should I Get A Master’s Degree Now

· Make your mark with a double degree. Earning two degrees will save you time and money. You will be able to earn much less time. You will save money on what you spend if you follow each degree clearly.

· With a double degree, your career options will be varied. This format helps to learn different pedagogical approaches and influences the academic support of many theoretical consultants and institutions.

·With two degree certificates, your professional networking and networking skills will flourish. Meeting new peers, tutors and tutors from all over the world is not only a benefit during your studies, but also a huge benefit once you progress.

In addition to the above benefits, earning a double degree will also give you a valuable and highly transferable skill set. Your CV will be an attractive job offer to potential employers. At the same time, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to immerse yourself in a new culture, as well as your ability to get used to different alternative teaching styles.

Dual Degree Programs

Another important thing is double degree admission means single degree admission. You only have to go through the entire enrollment process once. It saves time and money. Because getting a double degree is not an easy task. Therefore, it also affects companies that are looking for hard-working employees.

In conclusion, there is a difference between a double degree and a double major. With a double degree, you will have two degrees. When completing a double major, you will need additional coursework. A dual degree is not for everyone, so our dual degree program is ideal for everyone because we tailor it to you. The double degree master’s program is a unique opportunity to obtain two additional master’s degrees focused on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program lasts 2.5 years and can be started at either the University of Geneva or Tsinghua University, depending on where the student enrolls first. The University of Geneva provides a highly interdisciplinary Master of Science (M.Sc.) program organized by the Geneva School of Social Sciences (G3S), the Master’s Degree in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability (MIHDS). Tsinghua University offers a Master of Public Administration (MPA) organized by the School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM) and named Master of Public Policy for Sustainable Development Goals (MPP-SDG).

The chart below shows the timeline for the 2.5-year dual degree depending on where the student starts the program

Dual Master's Degree

The dual degree Master’s program aims to equip future change-makers with the necessary skills to achieve the 17 SDGs. This includes a large number of practical training courses (challenge-based seminars) with partners in the UN and other international and non-governmental organizations, as well as foundational courses on sustainable development in all its dimensions: social, economic and environmental. In Geneva, the practical courses take place in the Geneva LNG Solutions Room, located in the heart of International Geneva. Given the rich ecosystem of IOs and NGOs, internships are an integral part of the MIHDS curriculum. Please note that the internship does not have to take place during the IHDS year. It can also be done between semesters. In China, courses are held at the Tsinghua University campus in the Zhongguancun high-tech district in Beijing. There are also study trips to Shenzhen and other places in China. The academic thesis is completed and submitted to Tsinghua University after meeting all academic requirements of both universities.

What Are Dual Bachelor’s And Master’s Degree Programs?

In addition to the double degree offered by both universities, the University of Geneva offers a single degree version of the IHDS program, including an exchange semester at Tsinghua University, its Beijing or Shenzhen campuses, or another partner university. Partner universities include several in the Global South, such as Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar in Senegal and Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. See the timeline diagram below. Please find all the information you need on the G3S website.

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